A relaxing space? | Whitewood

From whitewood beams, to fixtures and fittings made from redwood. Timber buildings really do bring an aesthetic quality that stone, brick or concrete can’t. It’s no wonder then that the growth of timber buildings continues to rise.

A number of recent surveys have proven that timber buildings create a healthy and relaxing space. Better for your health, better for the environment and even better for your wallet, (as timber buildings are becoming even more affordable). Such is the success of timber properties in Europe, it’s not just home owners who are opting for timber buildings. For those who agree that timber buildings offer a relaxing space, would you consider going to a dentist surgery made of timber?

Well believe it or not, one such surgery actually exists in Belgium. An architect who goes by the name of Declerck-Daels rose to the challenge of creating an aesthetically pleasing timber building. Situated in a residential area in Bruges, the surgery which was constructed from a variety of different timber, including whitewood, doesn’t look out of place with its surroundings.

Mirroring the brick house next door, the surgery was carefully constructed to create a relaxing environment in which dental patients can be treated. The construction project was nicknamed ’50 Shades Of Wood’ due to the amount of colourful wood used in the fixtures and fittings of the surgery. Even the stress of waiting to see the dentist will be reduced somewhat, as visitors will find themselves awe-struck by the beauty of their surroundings.

This surgery goes to prove that sometimes even the simplest of ideas can have the biggest of impacts. If you are in the construction industry and working on a building project, then you need the best quality timber supplies. Here at Mike England, we stock all of your whitewood timber supplies, which are essential for studs, joists and trusses, as well as flooring, stairs and door linings.

As well as ensuring that our whitewood timber supplies are of the best quality, we only source our whitewood from well managed sustainable forests in Northern Europe, ensuring that timber buildings can be enjoyed for years to come. For more information on our products, contact us today.


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