External Timber Cladding

Western Red Cedar

We offer cladding in Western Red Cedar No.2 Clear & Better with PEFC™ certification. WRC is naturally resistant to decay and insect attack and has a class 2 durability rating giving a service life of approximately 60 years untreated. When left untreated and exposed to sunlight and UV degradation, cedar will bleach to a silver-grey colour. Other properties include a low shrinkage factor which minimises any potential warping, twisting & checking making the finished product extremely stable.

WRC offers superior acoustic qualities to assist with noise reduction, its low density and high proportion of air space makes it a natural thermal insulator far superior to other building materials such as brick, concrete and steel. These properties allow WRC cladded buildings to remain cool in summer and reduce heating costs during the winter.

The cladding can be coated on our dedicated line with SiOO:X Wood Protection, which speeds up the weathering process and leaves the Cedar with a lustrous silver-grey finish.

Siberian Larch

MET offers slow grown Siberian Larch with FSC® certification. Siberian Larch is slightly more dense and is a straight grained material having less knots than Larch sourced from other Countries.

Siberian Larch is a very strong and robust timber, resistant to rot and fungal attack with good durability properties making it an ideal timber for exterior use such as cladding. Siberian larch is an excellent timber cladding, which over time and left untreated will change colour to a silver-grey when exposed to sunlight. Siberian Larch has a high wear resistance, is non-corrosive and doesn’t need a preservative treatment due to its durability


Thermowood is produced by a complex heat treating process on selected Scandinavian pine which changes the timber properties from a none durable timber into a class 2 durability rated BN EN 350 product. The treated timber can be sawn, machined or trimmed to length in the normal way without the need for retreating.

This system enhances the properties of the timber providing many benefits which include greater stability. The timber darkens to an attractive brown turning to a silvery grey with weathering over a period of time.

European Redwood

This species offers the most cost effective timber cladding solution. MET have worked closely with several Swedish and Finish mills since 1969, securing the best Scandinavian timber FSC® or PEFC™ certified, slow grown to the highest standard.

This proves to be an ideal timber for Cladding and can be supplied with a Sikkens Factory Coating to enhance the durability, which is widely used throughout the leisure industry. Redwood provides an excellent base for coating, however knots present in the timber can cause imperfections so only higher grades are used providing a smooth clean finish, ideal for external cladding.



General advice:
The timber should be kept under cover in a dry place. Factory coated cladding should be stored in the same way until fitted, since the coatings are micro porous and will take in moisture. If laid flat in wet weather and in extreme heat knots will naturally bleed sap which is best left to crystalize before cleaning off.