SiOO:X Wood Protection


SiOO:X is an eco-friendly, sustainable, patented silicon technology that leaves a beautiful wood surface with a consistently weathered appearance at an accelerated rate.

Suitable for use on the majority of timbers, SiOO:X is applied in two parts, Wood Protector & Surface Protector. The Wood protector penetrates the surface of the timber to form silica crystals, creating a barrier. The Surface Protector, binds with the wood protector to prevent water penetration. Initially the treatment darkens the timber but then over the course of 3-9months SiOO:X reacts with moisture in the air and cures to leave a lustrous silver-grey finish, with the full effect taking up to 2-3yrs.

SiOO:X have also developed a pigmented versions, Mid Grey & Light Grey, which give an immediate & long lasting colour to the timber. These have been developed for use on a fine sawn or textured surface & due to the mixing & application have to factory coated.

Largely maintenance free, SiOO:X can be left for between 10-15years before considering re-application.

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