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Mike England Timber are in the business of providing our clients with premium quality wooden door frames and softwood door casings. We offer an outstanding level of customer service, from the point of sourcing the raw material straight through to the point of delivery.

Door casings and door frames are incredibly versatile and can be used to enhance the aesthetics of a door and a room, helping to blend the door opening in with the surrounding wall. A wooden door frame or softwood door casing can also act as a focal point in a room’s decorating scheme.

There are many different types of casing available for doors, and each type can vary based on material, design, finish or profile. Our specialist team at Mike England Timber can recommend the best choices available to you.

We take care of everything from ensuring that we obtain our timber from sustainable sources, maintaining an eco-friendly business, to the point of delivery. We can offer you detailed and supportive advice on how to install your wooden door casing or door frame, so, if you are contemplating casing for your doors, contact us and make Mike England Timber your only choice.

Contemplating Casing

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