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These days, the housing market is awash with new build properties; however, owning an older property is still appealing to a large number of people. Although older houses have stood the test of time, a significant number of the older affordable properties on the market, are in need of some work. For those in the building industry faced with the task of renovating these properties, have you considered using whitewood timber to improve the structural integrity and overall aesthetics of the property?

Whitewood timber is a straight grained and sturdy timber, smooth in its appearance and texture, it is the perfect material for adding strength to a structure. Due to these excellent properties it is one of the most essential materials in the construction and building industries, used for a number of applications including flooring, stairs and door linings. With a natural colour variation of white, to light yellow shades, whitewood doesn’t discolour as much as some other woods do, ensuring it remains aesthetically pleasing over a period of time.

When making the most of space within a home, whitewood timber can be used to extend or even create a new living space. Whether it’s forming the structure of an extension, or being used in a decorative way for open plan layouts. There is no denying that whitewood timber is extremely versatile, it really can transform older style houses in to something modern looking, adding great value to the property. With a number of structural and aesthetic qualities, whitewood timber may just be the answer when a property is in need of renovation.

We here at Mike England Timber make sure that we source all of our whitewood timber supplies from well managed forests, located within the more northern regions of Europe. When looking for whitewood timber supplies, make sure that you come to us. Get in touch today for more information on the full range of products that we stock.

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