Innovation and discovery – the future of timber supplies

The construction industry has always benefited from advancements in technology. Whether it’s in the materials themselves or the methods in which structures are built, these innovations have helped shape the towns and cities that we recognise today. With newly engineered timber supplies becoming the material of choice for construction companies the whole world over, we look forward to a new age of timber structures.

With this continued progress, timber technology has reached a point in which the prospect of full timber homes, offices and even skyscrapers may soon become a reality here in the UK.  As we have mentioned a number of times before in our blog, Europe is currently the leader when it comes full timber buildings. It seems however, that Canada is not far behind. This month a group of architects in British Columbia, have announced plans for a massive timber tower. If the project is to receive a green light, the tower will be crowned the world’s tallest timber building.

The tower which is set to become home for students at the University of British Columbia, will be constructed using cross laminated timber supplies or CLT for short. CLT timber supplies are timber panels which are merged together to form larger structural panels. Although they are extremely light, they are exceptionally stable and very versatile. What is more, CLT like other timber supplies, is manufactured from a totally renewable and natural material.

Although it may be a little while before we begin to see similar structures of this scale, here in the UK, innovation and discovery is opening up a whole new world of opportunities to those in the construction industry. In the meantime if you are part of the construction industry and need your very own reliable timber supplies, look no further. We here at Mike England are home to a large stock of timber supplies and services, allowing you to find the exact timber you need to meet your requirements. Get in touch with us today for more information on the range of timber supplies we have on offer.

Innovation and discovery - the future of timber supplies

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