Is it time for door frames?

They might not be something that you immediately notice, but the timber products found around your house like wooden door frames and softwood door casings can make a huge difference no matter how often they might be overlooked. Have you ever seen a door without its casing? It’s a pretty bare sight, but thankfully one that you won’t have to bear should you find yourself in need of some softwood door casings!

With a huge and varied stock containing all shapes and sizes of wooden door frames and casings, we here at Mike England Timber are more than happy to bring you the finest timber products in order to give you something truly special in your home. We’re always at the ready, waiting to deliver the finest products we have straight to your doorstep at prices you’ll hardly believe and an impressively speedy nationwide delivery service.

We’ve been established for over forty years now, providing the very same professional and dedicated service that we’ve specialised in since our first day or trading. All of our redwood used to make our wooden door frames and casings is sourced from mills in Sweden having FSC® certification, ensuring an environmentally sustainable way to get you a cost effective solution. So what’s stopping you from bringing your surroundings to life? Come and have a look at what we could do for you!

Here at Mike England Timber, we’re dependable retailers of top quality timber products such as wooden door frames and softwood door casings. If you’ve been looking for premium quality at unbeatable value, why not get in contact as soon as you can? We offer nationwide delivery, with the ability to either order online or by phone, and we’ll always be on hand to hear your questions and queries if you have them. It couldn’t be easier!

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