New Start, Quality Finish | Door Frames

The start of a new year is always the best time to make some home improvements, whether it’s decorating the entire house or even making a few minor changes here and there. However, replacing those old wooden door frames and wooden door casings, can give your house that little lift it may need.

So when it comes to shopping around for quality door frames and door casings, you need look no further than us here at Mike England Timber. Now is the perfect time to treat your tired doors to that much needed upgrade, so why not visit our online shop and check out the full range of ethically sourced wooden door frames and door casings that we have on offer.

As well as giving your doors a great new look, you shouldn’t underestimate the change that wooden door frames and door casings make to your rooms. Door frames and casings are more aesthetically important than you may think. They can after all be a feature that neatly ties your rooms together, offering a focal point within a relaxing space. With beautiful grained detail, we stock only the very best premium quality wooden door frames and door casings.

Our wooden door frames and softwood door casings are cost effective and environmentally sustainable. Our promise to you is to provide the best possible service, from the sourcing of the wood right through to the point of delivery, direct to your door.

As with the wider range of products that we stock, we pride ourselves in the high standard of timber that we have on offer, our door frames are certainly no exception. So when looking around for new wooden door frames and door casings, make sure that you visit our online shop to give your doors the quality finish that they deserve.

New Start, Quality Finish | Door Frames

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