New uses for your timber supplies

Being part of the timber trade for over 40 years, we are pleased to be in the midst of a timber revival. With so many new projects being announced at the moment, the revival shows no signs of ending soon. As experts when it comes to delivering the best quality timber supplies, we understand just how important timber is as a building material.

The latest online story to catch our eye concerns Wellington Airport in New Zealand. The airport is currently undergoing a refurbishment and extension project. Timber may not always be the first material to spring to mind when you think about airport structures, however architect Katherine Skipper, believes otherwise.

Engineers working on the project at the airport, are using a tough and resilient laminated timber, to construct a number of criss-cross pillars, which stand a full 6 meters high. These curved ‘X’ shaped pillars will support the structure’s roof, and will remain visible, forming a nice focal point for the visitors to the airport. The expansion project which is said to be costing an estimated $58 million, is set for completion next summer.

When it comes to timber structures, the future is looking very bright indeed. Here at Mike England Timber, we supply a range of construction grade timber, amongst other timber supplies, to those working within the industry. As proud members of the Forest Stewardship Council, we guarantee that the high quality timber supplies we offer, are only sourced from sustainable forests, ensuring that our customers can create their very own structures with peace of mind.

For the best quality timber supplies and a service which you can rely on, make sure that you come and speak to us here at Mike England Timber. Get in touch with us today for more information on the products that we stock.

New uses for your timber supplies

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