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We are your experts when it comes to premium quality timber supplies, we know that the phrase ‘outdoor timber buildings’ can categorise a broad range of structures. From Garden Sheds, to Wendy Houses, Holiday Homes and even Offices, timber has no limits.

Whatever your industry, when looking at building your very own outdoor timber buildings, you will need timber supplies that are suited to outdoor applications. Here at Mike England, we are specialists when it comes to both timber machining and timber coatings, guarantying that we can supply our customers with the timber supplies that they require.

The specialist timber treatments available here at Mike England Timber include:

Tanalith® is a wood preservative, which can be applied to any timber supplies. Tanalith® helps protect your timber from the risk of decay. Treating outdoor timber applications with Tanalith® can ensure your timber remains decay free, for up to 60 years.

Tanatone® combats attacks from insects as well as offering protection from decay. When Tanatone® is applied to your timber supplies, it gives the wood a rich brown colouring. Tanatone® treated timber is great for fencing, or landscaping timbers, as well as other applications.

Vacsol® is a waterborne wood preservative that is suitable for all types of construction timber, when there is a lower risk of decay. Unlike Tanalith® and Tanatone®, Vacsol® doesn’t change the shade or colour of your timber supplies, however if you require it, a colorant may be added during the treatment process.

Sikkens Mike England Timber are Factory Approved Coaters and work very close with the world famous brand in the UK.  Sikkens Industrial coatings give our Customers a vast colour range for external and internal coatings with a paint or a translucent finish.

You will be also pleased to know that our knowledge of specialist machining allows to cut any volume or shape of timber with great accuracy, making the cut as stylish or unique as you need it to be.

For over 40 years, we here at Mike England have been your experts when it comes to deliver the best quality timber supplies. We provide our customers with a large assortment of timber products, suitable for a range of both indoor and outdoor applications.  Contact us today for more information on our wide range of products and services.

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