SiOO:X Surface Protector, Step 2


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SiOO:X is an eco-friendly, sustainable, patented silicon technology that accelerates the silvering process leaving a uniform weathered appearance. Applied in two parts, two coats of Step 1 followed by one coat of Step 2.

SiOO:X provides enhanced natural durability and protection from UV and weathering.

Largely maintenance free, SiOO:X can be left for between 10-15 years before considering re-application.

Surface Protector is available in the following sizes;

3 litres
5 litres

Estimated Coverage
SiOO:X Wood Protector: 1st Coat 6-8m2/litre; 2nd coat 10-12m2/litre
SiOO:X Surface Protector: 8-12m2/litre

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3 Litres, 5 Litres