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Mike England Timber Cladding Solutions

Western Red Cedar (WRC)

We offer cladding in WRC No.2 Clear & Better with PEFC Certification. WRC is naturally resistant to decay and insect attack and has a class 2 durability rating giving a service life of approximately 60 years untreated. If left untreated and exposed to UV degradation, cedar will bleach to a particularly lustrous silver grey. Other properties include a low shrinkage factor which minimises any potential warping, twisting & checking making the finished product extremely stable.

WRC offers superior acoustic qualities to assist with noise reduction, its low density and high proportion of air space makes WRC a natural thermal insulator far superior to other building materials such as brick, concrete and steel. These properties allow WRC cladded buildings to remain cool in summer and reduce heating costs during the winter.

The cladding can be coated on our dedicated line with a specially formulated clear lacquer which will reduce the silvering process and greatly increase its ability to repel water. Although this coating is not warranted (most major paint manufactures will not warrant external cladding) the product has been tried and tested to maintain WRC natural colour for as long as possible.

Redwood Thermowood

Thermowood is produced by a complex heat treating process on selected Scandinavian pine which changes the timber properties from a none durable timber into a class 2 durability rated BN EN 350 product. The treated timber can be sawn, machined or trimmed to length in the normal way without the need for retreating.

This system enhances the properties of the timber providing many benefits which include greater stability. The timber darkens to an attractive brown turning to a silvery grey with weathering over a period of time.

Moisture content 6-8%

Density 510kg/m3

Durability Class 2 Rating

Origin Finland PEFC Certified

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