Timber Treatments

Pressure impregnated Tanalith® waterborne wood preservative is ideal for all timber applications with a medium to high risk of decay. A pale green colouration which gradually mellows over time which can provide a desired service life up to 60yrs.

Tanatone® is a special colour treatment with all the performance benefits against decay and insect attack of Tanalith® treated timber, but with a rich brown colour added. Ideal for rough sawn fencing and landscaping timbers.

Impregnated Vascol® Aqua is a waterborne wood preservative, particularly suitable for treatment of above dpc level construction timber and components where the risk of decay is low to medium. Vascol® Aqua treated timber is unchanged in appearance although a colourant may be added to identify the treatment process.

For general carpentry and joinery uses, timber is kiln dried to a moisture content of between 14% – 20%. However other applications such as coated cladding and furniture may require a further drying process to reduce the moisture content.