Putting you in the frame | Door Frames

Brand new door frames are all you need to enhance the aesthetics of any door and, here at Mike England Timber, we offer a complete range of wooden door frames.

We know that with such a huge range of wooden door casings and door frames, it’s easy to draw a blank when it comes to making that all important decision. That’s where Mike England Timber can help you make your choice, to give your doors a distinctive look and to help you find a door frame to fit your door like a glove, giving your rooms that finishing touch they need.

You can’t go wrong with Mike England Timber, as we have over 40 years’ experience in the industry and, as an independent supplier of premium softwood door frames and door casings, you are in safe hands. All of our casings and frames are sourced within the Northern region of Sweden and our products are not only environmentally sustainable, but are also cost effective for our customers.

We offer you an efficient, professional and prompt service and, from delivery to installation, Mike England Timber can help you with every aspect of your door frames and door casings. We offer a first rate level of customer service and aftercare to ensure that all your needs have been met. This is our commitment to you as our highly valued customer.

So come knock for us at Mike England Timber and make us your No.1 choice for wooden door frames and door casings. We won’t let you down. For a fast and effective service visit our online shop today.

Putting you in the frame | Door Frames


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