Quality Timber for All

Here at Mike England Timber Merchants, we provide timber supplies for a huge range of industries and trades alike, with no end to the variety of companies that are just looking for some top quality softwoods and hardwoods. We wouldn’t blame you if you were looking for the very same top quality, of course, as the best results can only ever be achieved by using the very best materials to begin with!

That’s a philosophy that we of course follow ourselves, and you’ll find that all of our imported premium timber supplies are freshly sourced from the richest parts of Sweden and Finland in order to ensure that they’re of the very highest quality. Whether it’s our softwoods or hardwoods, we’ll never let you down where the quality of our timber supplies is concerned!

Additionally, as well as the huge range of timber sizes we offer, we’re more than able to provide custom cuts on request, made specifically to match your every individual need and requirement. We understand that it’s often the case that you need your timber supplies to be precisely shaped and sized in order to maximise efficiency or make certain trades practical, and you can rest assured that we’ll have you covered!

All you’ll need to do is get in touch and let us know exactly what you’ll need and in what quantity, and our unbeatably fast delivery service will do the rest! Come and get something from our timber yards!

Here at Mike England Timber Merchants, we specialise in providing a huge variety of imported premium timber supplies to a wide range of industries and trades. No matter what kind of wood you need we’re sure to have it, so make sure you don’t hesitate to get in contact as soon as you can!

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