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Did you know that we now sell wooden door frames and wooden door casings directly to non- commercial customers through our website? There are a whole host of reasons why you should choose Mike England Timber as your supplier of wooden door frames and wooden door casings.

We here at Mike England Timber are very aware of the importance forests play to ecological development, this is why we only source our timber supplies from PEFC and FSC® certified sources. The timber used to manufacture our wooden door frames and door casings, is imported responsibly from well managed forests in the Northern region of Sweden.

Not only are you buying from a company whose timber is responsibility sourced, but you are also receiving a product of extremely high quality and value for money.  Our wooden door casings come in a wide range of sizes, are pre-rebated and can be bought in a primed or un-primed state. Our wooden door casings and door frames are also accurately and expertly machined with a fine surface finish. What is more, all of the wooden door frames and softwood door casings are developed on site, ensuring excellent quality control throughout the whole production chain.

We are fully confident that our door frames and softwood door casings are guaranteed to meet all of your requirements and with a fast and efficient delivery service nationwide, you won’t have to wait long for the finished product.

So when you feel like a spot of DIY or home improvements, and you need good quality door frames or door casings to give your room that extra lift, make sure you visit our online shop. Log on today to view the full range of available stock.

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