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Being timber suppliers, we are excited at the amount of attention timber seems to be getting in the construction and architecture circles these days. Week after week we are finding more and more articles discussing how timber structures are quickly over taking those made of concrete. Ironically, it seems that the cities of tomorrow, may be built from one of the oldest natural materials known to man.

As timber suppliers ourselves, we understand just how the advancements in timber technology are making a timber styled skyline all the more possible. Todays engineered timber supplies are considerably stronger and even sturdier than your usual wood. These advancements allow architects to think bigger in terms of timber structures.

Timber buildings are often praised for the health benefits they bring. Wood can store up a large amount of carbon dioxide, and is also surprising good at improving air quality, due to the way in which it reduces humidity in its surroundings. Studies have also suggested that due to the way in which timber buildings create such a relaxing space, occupants often see a reduction in stress amongst other positive effects on the brain and the body.

Another one of the main advantages to timber construction is the speed in which structures can be erected. On a superficial level, this is great news of course for property developers and owners, as empty buildings don’t make any money. In construction these days, time is money and so many developments in our towns and cities are completed in a matter of months.

Perhaps most importantly of all however is how timber construction is better on an environmentally focused level. Timber supplies when sourced responsibly is renewable, allowing for a continuous stock of timber to be available for years to come. As timber suppliers, this is something that we feel passionately about here at Mike England Timber. We only important our timber supplies from sustainable well managed forests, which are FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) certified.

When it comes to construction, you don’t have to wait for the cities of tomorrow before you start your very own timber building project. As timber suppliers, we have a wide range of quality construction timber on offer. Get in touch with our team today for more information on our products.

The City Of Tomorrow? Naturally

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