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Did you know that historically, it was the door frames and door casings which set the tone to a house? From graceful arched profiles in Georgian properties to the chunky symmetrical backdrops in Craftsman styled houses, door casing was seen as one of the most important elements of a building and the feature that made different styles of architecture distinct from one another.

The skilled team at Mike England know that by adding interior trim using wooden door frames and door casings will improve your home in a variety of practical and decorative ways. The door casings that you choose can really make a major design statement in the overall appearance of a room.

The installation of wooden door frames can also work to effectively blend into your walls so that they are not a visible feature, or they can be used to contrast and complement the door and walls surrounding them.

You can choose from a range of sizes too, from our extensive stock. Slim, neat door frames create a sleek effect whilst extra wide door casing creates a heavier, more grandiose appearance, adding prominence to narrower doors. The right door casings can produce both a sculptural and decorative impact to your rooms.

As an independent supplier of premium softwood door casings and wooden door frames, Mike England source our wood from within the Northern region of Sweden, making them environmentally sustainable and cost effective for our customers.

Whatever your style or plans for your property, whatever size and shape of your doors, Mike England can supply the ideal wooden door frames to give your house the finest finish. Visit our online shop today.

The Cure for your Doors

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