The Timber Renaissance

Sustainable. Durable. Functional. The list of benefits is endless. Our timber supplies are seeing an increase in demand and the unique properties that timber offers and additional processes means that a range of innovative applications can be achieved. In terms of sustainability, timber is one of the best primary construction materials. Renewable and requiring minimal energy to make the transformation from living tree to functional building material, our timber supplies are ideal for many forms of architecture. Timber is currently experiencing a renaissance as more and more people are considering the environmental impact of the materials they use, especially with concerns associated with climate change. Boasting many advantages over other construction materials, timber supplies have significant environmental, social and economic value within the market. From its extraction as a raw material to its processing (sawmill and manufacture) straight through to delivery and use on the development site, timber supplies meet the needs of our environmentally conscious customer base. Mike England Timber are successful, independent timber suppliers and, with our own sawmill, we can machine timber to order, dependent upon our customer’s needs, so be part of the timber renaissance and enjoy the benefits of this supreme material.

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