Timber get away

Being part of the timber trade, we love it when we come across a good article on line or in the news, about timber or timber supplies.

You may have seen in the news this week that a tiny timber beach cabin has gone up for sale in Dorset. The 150sq foot cabin, has a kitchen and mezzanine sleeping area, which big enough to sleep two people. However, despite not having all of the mod cons (there is no indoor bathroom), the tiny timber cabin is priced at an incredible £215,000. Although, this cabin isn’t the first to have gone on sale in that area over the course of this year, you will be hard pressed to find one for less than £200,000.

It just goes to show you the continuing popularity of timber structures for either new house builds or holiday homes. When it comes to constructing a timber cabin or structure, you will need a quality supply of timber that is both reliable and durable. That’s where we come in. Here at Mike England Timber, we only offer our customer’s premium quality timber supplies which will ensure you get the job done.

timber get away

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