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As timber specialists, we understand just how adaptable timber can be in the world of construction. Unlike many other building materials, timber is infinitely adaptable and still relied heavily upon in the construction and building industries.

It doesn’t however take timber specialists such as ourselves here at Mike England Timber to tell you about the pivotal role timber has played throughout the history of construction. Without timber, the houses we live in today may be very different.

Such is importance of timber, it has been employed throughout history to create some of the world’s most beautiful buildings and structures. It is thought the first kind of timber structured homes were introduced back in Saxon times. The Saxons are thought to have resided in wooden huts with thatched roofs protecting them from the elements. Usually one room would have been shared by all of the occupants. Although primitive in their form, some Saxon houses would have featured wooden floorboards.

However, it wasn’t until the 16th Century that timber houses took their shape as we know it today. Those not wealthy enough to build grand houses, constructed their homes with sturdy timber beams and plaster. Many of these houses were then rebuilt introducing brick work towards the end of the century.

It seems that timber houses have come full circle once again. Many of the largest building companies worldwide, are now switching back to timber. With continued breakthroughs in manufactured and treated timber, timber houses are more reliable and safer than ever.

As timber specialists, we here at Mike England timber are proud to deliver a wide variety of timber supplies to our customers. From construction grade timber, straight from our warehouse for those within the building industry, to offering top quality door frames and door casing to non-commercial customers via our new online shop, we are always on hand to assist. Whatever timber you are looking for, the timber specialists here at Mike England Timber will be able to deliver. Contact us today for more information on our products and services.

Timber in Construction - Timber Specialists

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