Useful and Stylish | Timber Cladding

We know the importance of timber cladding when it comes to helping a buildings structure; however, there is no reason that timber cladding can’t also add something aesthetically as well. With so many different types of timber products available these days, finding the right kind timber supplies for your cladding doesn’t have to be an issue.

Western Red Cedar or WRC for short, has great properties when it comes resisting insect attack and natural decay. Western Red Cedar is great as a thermal insulation, ensuring your home is cool in the summer and remains warmer in the winter. As well as these properties, WRC has excellent noise reduction qualities, ensuring that noise pollution is minimised. Amongst its other attributes, Western Red Cedar timber cladding has an impressive life span. When treated correctly, it is estimated that it will exceed its natural 60 year expectancy.

Redwood Thermowood is manufactured from specially selected Scandinavian pine. Redwood Thermowood relies on an advanced heat treating process, which changes its overall properties. Although it’s a complex process, the end result is timber cladding which is both durable and extremely reliable. Once treated, there is little need to re-treat your Redwood Thermowood timber cladding, as this timber also has an exceptional life span. Like other timber cladding, Redwood Thermowood can be cut to the length you require.

It goes without saying that timber cladding is extremely popular the whole world over. Useful and stylish, the number of home owners choosing to install it is rising year on year. When it comes to offering your clients the very best timber cladding solutions, don’t forget to come to us here at Mike England Timber. Our wide range of timber supplies always ensures that you will get the job done. Contact us today for more information on our range of timber supplies, including timber cladding.

Useful and Stylish | Timber Cladding

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