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There really is something visually striking about timber structures. Unlike structures made from other materials, those made from timber supplies can often add something to their surroundings. This is definitely the case with the Paiva Walkway.

Situated in the Arouca Geopark in Portugal, the Paiva Walkway stretches an astonishing 8km and runs alongside Arouca’s mountain range. Such is the scale of the walkway, it takes walkers an estimated 2 hours and 30 minutes to cross from one end to the other. Along the way, the route offers hikers and tourists a closer look at the park’s stunning scenery, as well as providing a safe walking route over the rocky terrain. The risk with a structure such as this one, is that it can detract from the natural beauty of the surrounding area. This however is not the case with the Paiva Walkway, the natural look of the timber compliments its surroundings, even becoming a focal point itself.

Constructed from approximately 66 tons of treated timber supplies, work started on the walkway in the summer of 2014 and took over 12 months to complete. Expected to attract up to a million tourists a year, the walkway is seen as an investment for Portuguese tourism and was funded in part by the European Union. The project was said to have cost somewhere in the region of 1.9 million euros.

Timber supplies were chosen over other materials due to their natural look and properties. Timber is also one of the most eco-friendly materials, something which is important to Arouca as it is well known for its environmental heritage.  As with a lot of the larger timber structures we read about today, they are usually constructed using modified timber supplies, such as specially manufactured cross laminated timber.

The Paiva Walkway continues to show how the advancements in timber technologies, offer new ideas to those within the construction industry. We here at Mike England are definitely looking forward to a future shaped by timber. If in the meantime you need timber supplies of your own for a construction project, make sure that you get in touch with us.

What a view! | Timber Supplies

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