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In terms of aesthetics, the environment and longevity, nobody would disagree that wooden architecture beats pretty much everything else. This is a sentiment we certainly share here at Mike England Timber, after all, we have been a presence in the timber industry, delivering our customers with the very best quality timber supplies for the past 46 years.

There a number of different benefits, when it comes to timber architecture. Unlike other building materials, such as brick, steal or concrete, wood has excellent insulation properties. Ultimately wooden houses leak less energy, an investment in the long run when it comes to your energy bills!

With timber, your design options are limitless. Europe is currently leading the way, when it comes to timber constructions. The variety of timber buildings is astonishing, from duplex units, to hut style houses, there is something geniality unique about these structures. Whereas concrete buildings can deteriorate and become dull and lifeless, timber buildings can add to or even improve the aesthetics of their surroundings.

Timber structures do not rot as easily as you may think. With the advancement of the timber treatments which are available today, the longevity of timber structures can be increased significantly. Most people do not realise just how water resistant timber can be. Even those who were first sceptical of timber construction, are beginning to come round to the idea.

As well as improving things aesthetically, let us not forget how wooden buildings can help environmentally. Buildings made from timber are sustainable and even recyclable. Different trees absorb carbon dioxide at different rates, and believe it or not this is a property that your timber supplies never loose. This leads us nicely in to the health benefits of timber buildings. As well as your wooden building delivering a relaxing environment, the wooden structures absorb and release moisture in ways that brick or plastic structures do not.

When it comes to future of timber buildings, you will need the very best timber supplies. Contact us today for more information on our products.


Why timber Heres why

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