Forests have an important role to play in tackling the problem of climate change.

They represent a biological production solution that can produce wood and energy for ever, with the aid of sun, air and water. The forests and their products thus play an important part in the sustainable society of the future. Realisation that this is the case and the increasing shortages of finite raw materials help to strengthen the position of products made from renewable raw materials.

Careful forestry management ensures forest growth that comfortably exceeds the annual removal of trees. The average stock of wood in the forests is therefore steadily increasing. This trend has been in progress for a long time and continues into the 21st century. The reason for this is that a large proportion of the growth is taking place in young forests that are not yet ready for harvesting. As these younger forests become older, it will be possible to harvest the same volume of wood each year as is added by growth at the same time.

The raw material first goes to a sawmill and is processed into sawn timber. The by-products and waste gathered during this process is then used as raw material for paper and cardboard production. Other applications for this waste product include pellets, which can be used in the generation of electricity and heating. Furthermore, as technology advances, future opportunities to develop new materials are already being explored.

And all this is happening every day to ensure that we at Mike England Timber can supply quality sustainable timber.

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